What’s the best Thai language centre in Singapore?


As Thailand is gaining lot of popularity, it is not a surprise that more and more Singaporeans are moving to learn the Thai language. If you are one among them, you must also be looking for the best institute to learn the Thai language. Though there are many options that may be good or bad depending on your location, budget and personal preferences, but one good option to learn Thai language is the program run under aegis of Titima Suthiwan at the NUS (National University of Singapore).

The program started at NUS 8 years back and in such a short time it has grown from mere 21 students to 240 students every semester. This is much more that what Bhasa gets, thereby making the Titima Suthiwan program as the one of the most sought after Thai learning program in Singapore.

Why Thai, and not any other language? Today Thai culture is getting more and more popular among Singaporean students. They want to know more and more about the kingdom. The famous pop culture of Thailand is another reason to attract the young generation to Thai language. As Thailand is growing fast, many students in Singapore want to work abroad and the opportunities available in Thailand attracts them to learn the language.

The course normally takes 150 students separated in 12 groups. Each group has a separate tutor, and there are 3 classes every week dedicated to speaking, listening and writing. The course moves from Thai 1 to Thai 6 levels with increasing intensity of learning.

The course does not give spoon feeding to students. The course works on making the students use the language and learn by listening and speaking. This is the way a baby is made to learn in starting years. The methodology is much more effective then book teaching.

The course is conducted by highly educated Thai teachers. It is so effective that normally students start speaking fluent Thai in just 15 week time. Another great area of challenge for the course is to correct the pronunciation of the students, because they come from various backgrounds as Malay, Chinese, and Tamil, etc. The course works in different ways with different students with specific needs.

The Thai language is not easy to learn, but the course by Titima Suthiwan makes it. Despite this, there is a need to keep the interest alive among students to keep learning the language from Level one to Level 6. To do this, the course is now using a unique methodology. All students that reach up to level three are allowed to spend a month in Thailand to practice what they have learnt. They are made to go to universities outside Bangkok, so that they can experience true Thailand. On their trip, the Singaporean students are attached to a Thai partner and made to live with a Thai host family. It has been observed that this one month makes much difference in the quality of the language that students are speaking. They become much more natural and fluent in Thai.

The course works such that by the time students reach Level four and five they can read novels, magazines and can understand the Thai movies.

If you are living in Singapore and want to study Thai language, try the course of Titima Suthiwan for the best results.

For more information you can visit the link here http://yago.sg/schools/listall.

Things To Consider When Buying Trees Online

The possibilities are nearly endless when you’re considering which trees to grow in your yard. Throw in the options provided by the Internet, and you’ve now got nearly any species available to choose from. There are many factors to consider, however, before deciding on what to plant. Different things will influence the health of the trees you plant, as well as their intended function, so be aware of the following variables and how they can impact the situation.

The Purpose Of The Trees

Figuring out which species to plant should largely be based on the purpose they will serve for you. For example, some people cultivate certain trees simply to enhance the beauty of the landscaping. Other people might be interested in increasing the areas of shade in their yard, a function most trees are very good at performing. Additionally, having more trees on the property can give you a great deal of privacy from neighbors or passersby.

Trees with a more expansive canopy will give you the greatest amount of shade, and those that are deciduous will keep your yard cooler when it’s hot and warmer in the winter, because they lose their leaves before the cold sets in. Tall trees that are dense prevent people from being able to view your backyard area, even more so when you plant shrubs around the base of them. Don’t forget about foliage too, and how your trees will look under those conditions. You might even think about fruit-bearing types of trees, as their colors are spectacular when they bloom. You could even get fresh fruit for cooking out of the arrangement.

Climatic Conditions

Before ultimately deciding on any particular type of plant life for your garden, you should make sure its needs are going to be met by your given climate. The typical rain fall, temperatures, sun exposure and even wind should all be considered first. Consider your lowest and hottest temperature extremes and whether a species can survive the worst case scenario. Think about the basic nutrients in the soil in your backyard and how it will feed the trees. Humidity may also come into play, as will how and how much water they’ll be getting.

Size And Growth Speeds

Each species of tree will move at its own pace in terms of growing and blooming. You’ll want something that tends to grow faster of course, if you’re attempting to establish a more private setting on your property. Calculate the times of maturation too, to coordinate the colors in your yard when enhancing natural beauty. When you buy trees online, you need to keep all of these things in mind. Avoid having one or two trees which are much taller than everything else. This might not only look odd, but could rob other growth from necessary sunlight. Roots can also choke out other shrubs or flowers, so be sure and space everything accordingly. It’s wise to form a mental picture of the entire yard in full bloom before taking shovel to dirt. Run anything by your neighbors first too, if they will be affected by what you choose to plant.

Damaging Bugs And Diseases

As if you didn’t already have enough variables to consider before finalizing plans for your landscape, you’ve got to deal with the potential for diseases and infestations as well. Make sure the biggest threats to growth don’t already abound on your property, or else you run the risk of all your efforts being in vain. Read up on the types of trees you’re interested in planting, as well as what could pose a possible threat from your property. Coordinate the effort to provide whatever you plant with the best possible chances of not just surviving, but of flourishing and blooming to absolute perfection.

Foods And Services To Enjoy In An Italian Restaurant

Italian restaurants are expected to offer superb dishes that many diners are longing to dine. All over the world, Italian dishes are enjoyed and in some countries, these dishes are modified according to their preferred tastes and the available ingredients. Features of the Italian foods commonly include sauces, butter and cheese toppings and fillings and other ingredients that make the pasta and pizza creamier.

Bread is one of the important parts of an Italian meal. It is usually topped or filled with garlic, oil, cheese and butter. If you are on diet and you want a healthy option, you can order plain unbuttered bread accompanied with a vinegar (balsamic) and olive oil where you can dip the bread. You can as well order bruschetta, an appetizer comprising tomato, garlic and olive oil on a toasted bread. Another choice you will have is to order grissini, a dry cracker stick.

Italian cuisine appetizers include salami slices, mozzarella sticks, fried cheese cubes and other cheesy foods. For healthier options, you can have marinated vegetables, cured meats and some spread cheese. You can as well enjoy Italian salads with rich dressing – vegetable salad, pasta salad and bean salad. Other options include cold vegetable salad like potato salad with olive oil.

Mouthwatering dishes that Italian restaurants will offer you as choices are lasagna, cannelloni, ravioli, Parmesan and other baked pasta and a lot salads or steamed veggies. You can have a choice also of healthy and fattening pizzas with pepperoni and sausage as toppings; cheese, meat, chicken and ham. Gourmet pizzas are one of the Italian’s best with finest ingredients. Try also thick crust and studded crust pizzas. There are so many kinds of pizzas in various sizes as well.

With so many Italian restaurants to choose from, all you want of course is the one that will guarantee to serve only the authentic restaurant meals to fill your stomach. There may be restaurants claiming to be Italian but actually they are not. Their menu list may sound Italian, but the way the dishes are prepared, they may be not.

Above all, what really matters is the kind of services the restaurant can offer. You want friendly staff to attend to your needs and an overall ambience that will make your dining experience worthwhile with your companions. The area must be very tidy as well. The location should not only showcase an Italian restaurant but a kind of place that is worth your money and your desire to get relaxed. As a whole, you need great food, great venue and great location – these all sum it all.

If you are also in need of function rooms or halls to hold events, bigger restaurants with expertise on such are good choices. You can get more information through http://www.lilys.net.au for function centres depending on the number of guests you will have and the kind of function package you want to avail. This restaurant is Italian-themed and also guaranteed to give you the services according to your needs.

Different Types of Business Finance Solutions

Avoid Financial Difficulties

Numerous small businesses will come across financial problems at some point or another. Finding viable business financial solutions is essential in order to overcome these problems and to ensure the long term profitability of the company. The ability of the management to find effective solutions determines the success or the failure of a company. Some businesses are indeed profitable on paper, but they have a hard time in financing their activity because if improper management of cash flow.

Small Business Survivor Index

Business Finance SolutionsThe Small Business Survivor Index considers that financial problems arising from inadequate cash flow management are the most important cause of failure among small companies. These problems can be solved by finding adequate financing for small businesses. Additionally, business owners also have to face problems with high taxes, with high costs with the work force, with legal problems and with high costs derived from complying with governmental regulations.

It is important to evaluate all the possible business finance solutions and to choose the one that best suits your company in order to get out of financial trouble. You can only save your business by reducing costs, by increasing revenue or by ensuring a better management of the cash flow. Ideally, you should be able to achieve all these three goals in order to find the best business finance solutions.

Making Business Financing Easy

All companies dream about increasing revenue, but this is not as easy as it might sound. It is one of the best business finance solutions, but it often can’t work by itself. In most of the cases, increasing revenue is not possible without first investing some money into your operations. Revenue can be increased if you take up more work. However, this means employing more people or opening up new manufacturing facilities. All these resources cost money and can exacerbate your financial problems on the short run. Before you’ll actually start to cash in your increased revenue, you’ll have to be prepared to support increased expenses. This is one of the business finance solutions that can turn against you on the short term. It is indeed a long term goal to increase your revenue, but you have to be careful on how you manage it on the short term.

You have to find additional business finance solutions besides increasing revenue. Reducing costs is also a viable option especially if you can achieve it without reducing revenue. High costs can make your operations unprofitable and ineffective. Some of the highest costs when running a company are incurred by the work force. Unfortunately, it can be complicated to reduce them without impacting the revenue.

Legally Reduce Tax Costs to Increase Fundability

One of the most effective business finance solutions is to find ways to legally reduce your tax costs. It is estimated that taxes are one of the main reasons why small companies go bankrupts. The long term success of your business can only be achieved if you find a way to reduce your taxes.

Business working capital loans can come in numerous forms from a plethora of different financing companies. The important thing is to find suitable ones for solving your cash flow difficulties without falling victim to predatory lending in the process. Be sure to have full disclosure of all fees, interest rates, and penalties prior to accepting funding from any financial institution.

Finding A Good Dog Boarding Place

Dogs are man’s best friends. They protect you, keep you company, make you laugh, and will be very loyal to you until the end of their lives. It is only fitting that you do the same for them during the course of their lives.

It is very easy to take care of dogs if you are at home because you would have all the essentials you need. Assuming you are a hands-on pet owner, you would already have a daily routine with them, and both of you are comfortable with this routine. However, there may be times when you would have to go out of town, either for business or for pleasure, and you would have to leave your dog behind. If you have no relatives or friends who you can entrust your dog to, this would be a big problem.

Fortunately, you can always leave your pet in a dog boarding house, where he/she will be given the proper care while you are away. Of course, you should always want what is best for your dog, and getting a good dog boarding house while you can’t watch him/her is one way of doing this.

A dog boarding house is a place where dogs can be deposited when their owners need to go somewhere away from home. Some only offer day services but the best ones would always offer overnight or many-night services. A good dog boarding house should offer different services that will make your dog feel at home rather than just dumped somewhere with random strangers. The employees should be able to establish rapport with your pet right away, and they should ensure that your pet gets its daily play and exercise, and its weekly baths. They should also be allowed to roam in a spacious area rather than restricted in a cage or an area too small for their own good. The best dog boarding, however, is one that also takes into consideration any special food or medication that your pet might need. This is very important when choosing a boarding place because you don’t want your pet missing their daily nutritional needs.

There are many dog boarding houses available in different places all over the world but some of them may not be as good as the others. Your pet must only get the best of the best so that it would still feel your love even if you are far away. To ensure a good dog boarding for your pet, you can ask for referrals from other dog owners, check in your local directory, or search in different websites such as http://dogboardingsingapore.org/ . However, don’t just rely on other people’s versions of the best. Take each referral, visit the boarding with your dog, and see whether or not their employees and your dog would establish rapport.

Dogs are very loyal creatures who would always treat you the best way they can. It is only fitting that we do the same for them as well, even if we are far away from them. One way of doing this is by getting them the best dog boarding for them when you go on business trips or vacations.

Learning English: Where to go in Singapore?

If you’re in Singapore and are seeking to find out what are the possible choices to enhance your abilities in the English language here is something that can be useful. Although there are many options and deciding on one can be quite an uphill task, let’s begin by having a look at how you can start your quest in locating the proper option for your needs.

Before looking for options, it will be right to assess your level of proficiency in the language. So how do you evaluate your English language skills? Let’s begin by seeking some answers.

Do you need to take a fulltime program?

The answer depends entirely on your present proficiency in the language. If you’re still below the basic level, it would be best to take a fulltime course. A program like this will help you build your basic foundation in the language, the best means to attain a quick fluency.

Why do you really need to learn?

Do you wish to acquire English language skills for a particular reason, if not and you already have part fluency, then it would make sense to take any part time courses that are available in abundance. Check if your need is topic specific such as for the following:

• English presentation skills
• Business language skills
• Copywriting skills
• Academic language skills
• Preparation for IELTS

In case you have answered yes to any of the above, it will be a little difficult to locate the right program for your exact need. This because even if you are able to locate a program tailored to your need, your learning will be dependant to a large extent on the standard of your classmates in comparison to yours.

If you think that is a reasonable concern, there are two clear alternatives:

1. A large institute such as the British Council can be the preferred choice because not only do they have a varied range of courses on offer, but they have a wide selection of students studying also.

2. Learn your English language skills from a private tutor. The private lessons will help you reach your objectives faster.

Are you a local Singaporean or a permanent resident?

This can entitle you to get a subsidized course with a saving of nearly 90%. You will find these programs very useful and can easily qualify for the workplace English and the mathematics programs run by the WDA. There are many such courses, and it won’t be difficult to find one. Here’s an informational video about it.

How does one get started?

1. Locate and contact one of the many training centers. You can do a Google search, or find lots of them on

Live In A Clean And Healthy Home – Carpet Cleaning

Most of us live extremely busy lives and just don’t have the time to clean our homes. That’s where professional cleaners come into play and can help you save some time by cleaning your home for you. The added benefit of hiring a professional cleaner is that they can do a thorough job of cleaning your home and making sure that is a clean and safe environment for you to live in. To know the most important reason for hiring a professional cleaner visit Northern Beaches carpet cleaner now.


A lot of people get stressed out over the idea of cleaning their home. As the dirt and dust starts to build up in the home, people start to feel a sense anxiety or the need to clean their home. And a lot of us just don’t have the time to do so or approach cleaning in a thorough manner. That’s when it is a good idea to hire a professional cleaning service to help you manage your time better and help you clean your home.

If you’re getting far behind in your cleaning, you really do need to hire someone to help clean your home. That’s because dirt and dust can be harmful to your health. You need to keep in mind that dust actually contains a lot of organisms that you could be breathing in on a daily basis. Over the long term this could have lasting effects on your health. So, it’s important that you make sure that you are always clean your home and make sure it’s as clean as possible. If you really don’t have time to do so, you do need to hire someone to help you out. That’s where a professional clean surface to play and can help keep your home clean on a raver basis.

If you can’t afford a clean service to come into your home on a regular basis, it’s probably good idea to at least have your carpets cleaned periodically. A good carpet cleaner can come in and shampoo your carpets make sure that all the dust and dirt is lifted out of the carpet and is clean and healthy for you and your family. These professionals typically do a better job than you can do a home, because they use special chemicals that are only sold to professional cleaners. This will help ensure that you have nice clean carpets for you and your family.

When looking for a professional cleaner to come into your home and clean on regular basis, you want to make sure that you are hiring the most reputable company possible. To do this, you need to ask around for references in your area. It might take you a while to find good references from people you trust, but the time and effort put into this process will be well worth it in the end. Remember, you want to end up signing a contract and creating a long-term relationship with a professional cleaner in your area. That way your home can be cleaned on a regular bases without any thought or effort on your part. This will ensure a happy and healthy lifestyle for you and your family as you live in a clean and healthy home.

Competition Analysis During Business Growth

There is much to think about in terms of competition, but how does your competition warrant consideration when you are expanding your business? Well, we believe you should start by analyzing them based on the product or service they are providing and how it compares to your product or service.

That is all too obvious, but often overlooked. Focus first on doing things BETTER than they are, and people will take notice. Then, focus on expanding your efforts without sacrificing the quality of your product or service in a way that would allow your competition to surpass you.

We generally lose people when we try to explain this, but stay with us for a minute, it will all be very clear in a moment. As with any successful business, you had a plan when you started, and it was very detailed. It more than likely laid out every nook and cranny of your idea.

When you are expanding, you have to expand on those ideas, and be sure you are still up to date on what your competition is doing. We generally teach this from a question perspective, as it is easier to understand that way.

The question would be, why would anyone go to your competition? Maybe it is for the same reasons they would come to you, but that also begs the question, why would they not come to you? Then you ask an even better question, which is, what would make them want to come to my establishment more?

Are you starting to get the picture? Your expansion efforts should be based on the answer to that question. Make that your focus and it will definitely be worth the time and money spent. We wish you the best of luck and we hope that we have brought a little insight to your current expansion situation. More business expansion advice to come, as we are just getting started.